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On site or virtual bookkeeping for a full range of services including accounts receivables, accounts payables, & bank reconciliation. Services provided utilizing Quickbooks software.

Small Business Accounting

Timely financial reporting to enable managerial analysis and tax liability compliance. Budgeting & forecasting available to get your business on track and make your progress measureable.

Business tax filings, schedules, and compliance

Preparation and adherence to a tax filing schedule to ensure timely compliance with state and federal requirements. Includes monthly and quarterly payroll and sales tax filing. Helping you to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Both individual and business income tax filings. Make decisions throughout the year to better understand, reduce, and plan for your tax liability.

Financial Analysis

Performing an analysis of your company’s activities enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company and helps make better short and long term decisions to protect cash flow, manage debt, and focus marketing efforts.

Business Formation

Proper federal and state registrations will ensure tax compliance and minimal tax liability.


Donna’s services have made a very positive impact on my business and personal life. My reporting is timely, my taxes are no longer put on extension, and I have more time to do the important things that make owning your own business worth the effort.
Dr. Jim Bremner, DC